Meness (single)

by erik spooner

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companion single/teaser for the forthcoming album "Give & Take"
[available 8-8-17]


released August 1, 2017

Liz Anaya Sheils
erik spooner

Meness - mixed by Scatterboxx, assisted by erik
give and take - mixed by erik, assisted by Alex Miller

all tracks mastered by Alex Miller @



all rights reserved


erik spooner Somerville, Massachusetts

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Track Name: meness {feat. Scatterboxx [EXPLICIT]
yo (1,2)
here's a treat
it starts with a beat
(and) in time you know we're gonna rhyme
it's kinda juvenile; think i'm gonna play a while
rockin' with the beats, it'd be like: "1-2-3" <check-it>

seems so strange to me; they tell me how i'm supposed to be
and if i want to see the type of wealth they'd have me need
they'd have me believe that to succeed is the only need
but that trip seems like kind-of-a drag

:$:if you wanna hit the bigtime better listen to this
you'll be hangin' with the girlies and be sippin' the cris
you might be million-to-one; there's seven-million on deck
so you better do exactly when i say:$:

i'm on the scene smoking green; it's like a time machine
and you have never seen this type of me. i mean
it might seem easier to follow with the trends with the rest
but there's only one person that can be you the best

so if you're feeling like i feel, please raise your hands with me
'cause i'm just saying we can stop all this insanity
spend all your time and money just to fake the best
sociopathically/tragically an actor like the rest

:$:but still you wanna win awards and get the girls with the tits
and see your face up on the tv and keep writing the hits
and if the money came from blood you know you still wouldn't give a shit
so make the choice, raise your voice, make some noise:$:
i'm sayin' that it's
the crux of my genius is i'm standing in the glory of my meness

i'm chiming in from within with an apostrophe
and i'm-a-tell-ya with this song it first occurred to me
i'm not a poser or a baller but a poet
so melodic with the rhythm and a beat that's fresh

i'm not sittin spittin' sayin' playin' talking 'bout my mean-ness
frontin' somethin' zippin' trippin' talkin' 'bout my jock
raised in the 90's, you'll find me aligned divinely
ensconced in the warm soft light of my glow

the crux of my genius is i'm standing in the glory of my meness

standing in the glory of my meness,
abnormally keen with sorcery secrets.
floral seeds form into trees right before me.
saturn's true tales sound like unlikely stories.
full swarm of bees orbiting me.
a rusty sword is in my teeth and there's a storm in the sea
so if the chords aren't in key, or there's a war within me,
or the force of the stress begins cornering me,
in order to breathe which seems important to me,
my aura will accordingly contort to the beat.
i re-up with some fresh zephyr in my co2 tank
while i can pull through i still got people to thank.

the crux of my genius is i'm standing in the glory of my meness
Track Name: give and take {feat. Liz Anaya Sheils
give and take (we need a little {now})