wrong (premix single version)

by erik spooner

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(many people enjoy the occasional argument.
many also realize that being "right" often comes at the expense of another being "wrong".
people don't like to be "wrong")


you know it's been so long since i could say that i'm wrong

and i was thinking when i was drinking:
it's just a matter of time til you find i'm not wrong
and in the morning my thoughts was forming
and it was calm in the bed til you said:

i'm not wrong / but we both know better
i'm not wrong / and then you went and stole my sweater
i guess it's me and the bong; at least i know that you're wrong

oh pretty baby you don't know that you're wrong
it's not a difference in opinion and you know my will is strong

i'm not wrong / can you stop that stupid thinking
i'm not wrong / it goes better when we're drinking
the whole damn point of the song is just to tell you you're wrong

no future, no past
i don't know how long it will last
i'm trying hard but i'm fading fast
i guess it just don't pay

oh pretty baby don't you know that you're wrong
oh pretty baby let me show you you're wrong
won't take a while; not very long
don't get upset cause it's just a stupid song

i'm not wrong / can we please go to dinner
i'm not wrong / i might just let you be the winner
if we could just get along maybe i'll say that i'm wrong


released March 5, 2015
adrian emberley - backing vocals, clapping
alex miller - drums
erik - the rest

written by erik, produced by the listed participants, engineered and mixed by erik and alex and mastered by alex.

june '14



all rights reserved


erik spooner Somerville, Massachusetts

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